GOD: Democrat or Republican?

Reprint from May 8, 2019

When this blog was first published, back in 2019, Pete Buttigieg was a U.S. Mayor/Presidential candidate. Of course, his is now the U.S. Secretary of Transportation. The thought expressed her still ring true, none the less. As a matter of fact, one could just switch his name for President Joe Biden’s. The logic still works) …

South Bend Mayor and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg told Craig Melvin on “The Today Show” recently that “…politicians should not use God as a weapon… God could not possibly be a Republican.” Yet when it was pointed out that he spends a fair amount of time talking about his faith, he replied, “”It’s important to me. I think it’s also important that we stop seeing religion used as a kind of cudgel as if God belonged to a political party.”

Although he did not say that God would be a Democrat, he argued that God would not be a Republican, as that is the party that sent President Donald Trump to the White House.

Buttigieg is absolutely correct about at least two things he said:

First, One’s faith is, or should be important. What a politician believes in is what forms his world view. So, it is important that a politician believe in the truth, and that the voters know if the politician believes in the truth – or not.

Second, God would not be a Republican. I might even argue that his reasoning that God would not be a member of the party that put Donald Trump in the White House is also correct, or at least partly so.

What he didn’t say, but to follow my point to its conclusion, God would not be a Democrat who would put Pete Buttigieg in the White House, partially for the same reason.

The reason, and my point, is that if America had asked God who he wanted to lead this country, he would have put his Son, Jesus in the White House. Neither Donald Trump, nor Pete Buttigieg are pure and righteous, without sin, nor do either embody Truth. “…for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” Romans 3:23 (ESV)

Republican’s do not belong to the Donald Trump Party any more that Democrats belong to the Pete Buttigieg Party. It’s the other way around. God belongs to a completely and Holy (pun intended) party. And the Democrat and Republican Party can belong to his party – Let’s call it The Kingdom of God Party, or not. That is up to them.

And how shall we know if anyone or any group belongs to the Kingdom of God Party? Well, the same way we know if they are Democrats or Republicans. We know them by their fruits. Are the thin

gs that they believe, they think, and they do in line with the party platform. Just to say you are a Democrat or Republican doesn’t make you one if you don’t believe what they believe; think the same things they think; or, do the same things they do. Case in point: Bernie Sanders, who ran as a Democrat in the last Presidential election.

If God is a member of any party, it is his own. He is the Chairman, President, and CEO. His board consists of three members; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. What he does is always consistent with the Kingdom of God Party platform. It is always loving and kind, true and perfect, gracious and merciful.

I belong to the Kingdom of God Party. Elect Jesus Christ (or at least one of his children) President.